Jealousy Help:Using Hypnosis To Help

Published: 01st September 2008
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Getting jealousy help is easy to do when you use self hypnosis. Jealousy is an emotion that feeds on itself which is why it is called the green-eyed monster. This monster will devour relationships in your life and your own self esteem. If you don't get help with jealousy, the monster will just keep attacking your self esteem and confidence and create intense feelings of anger. With help jealousy can be controlled. With help jealous monstrous thoughts and feelings can be brought under control.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Jealousy is a problem that has its roots in your thoughts, but those thoughts focus on comparisons. You compare yourself to others and then tell yourself they have what you want. Jealousy is an emotion that is based on unhappiness and fear. You feel unhappy that others have more than you or look better than you or are more successful. It is also an emotion that leads to constant worrying because you are focused on what others are getting instead of being satisfied with your own life. It is important to get jealousy help, because the green eyed monster grows bigger every time you express this destructive emotion.

Images of Success

When you get help with jealousy, the first thing you have to do is learn how to make corrections to your thoughts. A jealous person is always comparing and coming up short in their own minds. Then the negative thinking process expands and leads to emotions that become consuming. Eventually the feelings are expressed with inappropriate behaviors such as making false accusations against friends or a spouse. Jealousy help focuses on changing this thought, feelings and behavior process so that it is positive instead of negative. With jealousy help problems with feelings of inadequacy are tackled head on.

Imagining Happiness

Changing a thought process into one that develops personal confidence requires a program that can access subconscious thoughts. People who experience jealousy often don't realize where the emotions are coming from but only know they are uncontrollable. Using a program such as self hypnosis can help you identify the very beginnings of the mental process which leads to jealous feelings. With this information you are getting jealousy help that can last a lifetime.

Become a Self Fulfilling Prophecy

It is interesting that one of the goals of self hypnosis is to assist you with creating a self fulfilling prophecy. When you get jealousy help, you learn how to create mental images of yourself as the kind of person you are jealous of frequently. You learn how to control your thoughts so that you can come to understand that your unique qualities and abilities make you special. You become motivated to take positive action to lead the kind of life you want to lead instead of spending so many hours worrying about how you compare to others.

Starving the Monster

By getting help with jealousy, you are able to starve the monster that so often consumes your feelings and emotions. With self hypnosis you learn to maintain control of your thoughts so they do not veer off onto negative paths. But just as importantly you learn how to develop positive images of yourself so that you can let go of the need to compare yourself to others. When you get jealousy help, the result is a life led with joy rather than anger.

Using Hypnotherapy Recordings To Help

Hypnotherapy recordings may seem a little 'off tangent' and dubiously alternative but it is rooted in science and self-hypnotherapy can pgive you some fantasic results with a myriad of problems, Jealousy included. One such recording is

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