Overcome Jealousy: Help For You To End Jealousy

Published: 15th August 2008
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In order to overcome jealousy, you have to understand its source. If you have the tendency to get jealous, then you are most likely often miserable. That's because jealousy is not a productive emotion. It serves no purpose, but instead can tear a relationship apart. Overcoming jealousy requires identifying the source of the jealous thoughts and then learning a way to change them into normal expressions of love and caring.

Measuring Your Jealous Tendencies

If you find yourself frequently getting jealous, chances are you are often unhappy. You probably worry about what others are doing or accomplishing all the time and then compare others to yourself. You might feel constant worry about whether you can trust your spouse or the person you are in an ongoing relationship with. You probably find yourself wishing you were more like someone else instead of enjoying who you are. The constant comparing and worrying can take a toll on your life and your relationships which is why you have decided it is time to overcome jealousy.

Sabotaging Yourself

Jealousy is an emotion that sabotages a life. It causes your confidence to be compromised while also making the important person in your life feel uncomfortable, if not angry. Jealousy is an emotion that is not just limited to a romantic relationship though. You can feel jealous of friends, family and co-workers too. People who have a tendency to be jealous have developed a way of thinking that makes them feel insecure and so they focus on finding ways to prove their self worth. To overcome jealousy, you need to turn your thoughts around so that you learn to value yourself and your own unique talents and characteristics.

Harnessing the Imagination

To overcome jealousy problems with self esteem must be addressed. When a person's self esteem is low he or she will spend a lot of time comparing themselves to others in order to validate their personal value. A confident person can overcome jealousy tendencies by appreciating their own value and abilities. A person lacking in confidence will continually look for ways to build themselves up by finding fault with others.

Measuring Your Personal Value

When you decide you are tired of always being miserable because you don't measure up to others then it is time to stop measuring. Jealousy is one of those negative emotions you can feel for no reason. Overcoming jealousy requires finding a way to build your confidence without looking to others for comparison. Self hypnosis can teach you how to erase the negative thoughts about yourself that lead to negative behavior.

Turning Off the Automatic Thinking

Self hypnosis can help you turn off the automatic thinking that is telling you everyone else is more competent or better looking than you. You can learn through hypnotherapy how to switch your thinking into more positive thoughts that build your own confidence instead of tearing it down. The result is you can stop those jealous thoughts from ever entering your mind in the first place.

Using Self Hypnosis to help Overcome jealousy

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