Stop Compulsive Lying: Hypnosis To End Lying

Published: 15th August 2008
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When you need to stop compulsive lying, it is important to use a technique that produces results quickly. Habitual lying is self destructive and the quicker it is stopped, the better off you are. A compulsive liar is someone who lies on a continuum that ranges from infrequent lying to antisocial behavior. With antisocial behavior, the lying is done solely to be self serving with no regard for others. Though a compulsive liar is not necessarily antisocial, it can lead to a person lying more often for no apparent reason. This is truly a lesser form of antisocial behavior.

Persistent Lying

A compulsive liar has developed a habit of lying that may have started in childhood. Those first lies told to mom and dad that saved you from punishment are seen in a positive manner, because they saved you from unpleasant consequences. One lie leads to another until a pattern of lying has been established. In order to stop compulsive lying, the habit must be changed.

Disregard for Other's Rights

Lying to someone when they deserve to hear the truth is actually showing disregard for someone else's rights. People deserve to hear the truth from you, and you should have an innate desire to tell the truth. It is important to stop compulsive lying, because repeated lying becomes self-reinforcing. In other words, you begin to justify the lies and then stop thinking about whether lying is acceptable or not. At that point the compulsive lying has become a thoughtless habit.

Thoughtless Impulse

Someone who is a compulsive liar will lie on the spur of the moment without even giving thought as to whether there is a need to lie. When you want to stop compulsive lying, the key is to add back the element of evaluation to the moment when the decision must be made to lie or tell the truth. Instead of lying as a thoughtless impulse, you will decide to tell the truth as a matter of integrity.

Becoming Aware of the Moment

Through self hypnosis you can stop the habit of lying. When you want to stop compulsive lying, it is important to force your mind to control your thoughts. Instead of just acting on what you are feeling at a particular time, you will learn to rely on your positive thoughts to provide direction. That is how you can stop compulsive lying problems that affect your ability to interact with others in a healthy manner. There will no longer be thoughtless action which is the lying. You will have reconditioned your mind to take responsibility for telling the truth.

Easy and Peaceful

Compulsive lying is antisocial behavior on a smaller scale. Lying is always eventually uncovered which negatively impacts your interaction with others. With self hypnosis you can stop compulsive lying and make a conscious decision to tell the truth in every situation. Your life will be easier and more peaceful in every way.

Using Self Hypnosis Recordings To Help Stop Compulsive

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