Stop Overeating – Stop A Growing Problem

Published: 15th August 2008
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Many people are faced with the task of how to stop overeating. Overeating is defined as eating when not hungry or past satiety. As a nation, we are facing an obesity epidemic. Although some cases of obesity are caused by other factors, eating this way accounts for the majority of obesity problems. When combined with poor food choices, such as fast food and junk food, overeating leads to a plethora of other medical problems.

Medical Implications

Obesity, often caused by overeating, has been linked to many life-threatening problems. What most people don't know is that people that are not yet obese just overweight, are also more prone to these lift-threatening problems. It is very important to stop this behavior before obesity is also an issue.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol are often the first warning signs of other medical problems related to obesity. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke. Diabetes is another life-threatening illness that can be caused by excess weight. Although treatable, diabetes typically leads to other problems such as poor circulation, sight damage and kidney dysfunction.

Reasons for Overeating

There are many reasons why people overeat. People get into the habit of eating when they have nothing else to do, want to be comforted and are in social situations. Whatever the reason, it comes down to habit. Habits are hard to change, especially if the habit involves eating. We all need to eat to survive. An overeater can't avoid food the way an alcoholic can avoid alcohol.

Legacy of Obesity

Many people tend to eat excessively because that is what they were trained to do. They may have seen one or both parents overeating to deal with problems in their lives. Many excessive eaters start the habit early in life. Boredom eating is a common childhood habit that is developing in the US. Children have more sedentary lifestyles than they did thirty years ago. It is easy to start the overeating cycle when you sit around watching TV all day. It is important to break the cycle by determining how to stop overeating.


You may be asking yourself, "How do I solve my overeating problems?" The solutions for this problem are as widespread as the reasons for the behavior. Dieting can be a solution that could cause the habit to worsen. By depriving yourself of certain foods, your body tends to respond by encouraging you to over eat the very food you were trying to avoid. Not every solution will help every person stop overeating. Understanding your triggers will help to determine which solution is best to help you stop overeating. Overeating triggers can include stress, boredom and emotional pain.

Using Self Hypnosis Recordings To Help Stop Overeating

As previously mentioned, solving your overeating problems may seem incredibly hard, Self Hypnosis Recordings can be incredibly useful in breaking your cycle of overeating. One fantastic recording is Stop Overeating by Debbie Williams. Debbie is a highly experienced and regarded practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis and is to be well reccommended. The confidence in her recordings is such that they all come with a full 60 day money back guarantee

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